Banjo head 8"

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Banjo replacement heads high = 1/2 "= 1.27cm medium = 7/16" = 1.11 cm low = 3/8 "= 0.95cm
No Remo logo on the head for a cleaner look but Remo printed on the aluminium strip
remo material
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Remo top frosted  is the most commonly fitted head for 5 string banjos, it brings a crisp dry tone without too much sustain providing great clarity and note distinction.

Remo Fiberskyn heads are closest to calfskin in appearance and sound. Tyvek is fused to one side of the Mylar head making the vibrating surface thicker. Old time banjo players often prefer the fuller sound. Fiberskyn banjo head thickness averages .014"

Remo Renaissance banjo heads have a semi transparent amber color, similar to "slunk" calfskin banjo heads. They are the thinnest of Remo's banjo heads, with a thickness of .008". Though thinner than standard Mylar, the tone is fuller and is a popular choice for Old Time Banjo players needing a slightly brighter sound in a band situation.

Black Suede is a black color film with it's texture and tone similar to Remo's Renaissance film. Thickness is .010"

Remo bottom frosted is preferred for tenor and plectrum banjos

0800 M6
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