Savarez banjo

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BN80L 9 11 13 20w 9
BN80CL 10 11 13 20w 10
BN80ML 10 12 13 20w 10
BN80CM 10 12 13 22w 10
BN80M 10 12 14 22w 10
BN80GR 10.5 12 14 22w 10.5 Signature Gilles Rézard

Gilles Rézard signature set

What appealed to me at Savarez was that they are both at the cutting edge of innovation and
constantly attentive to the needs of the most demanding musicians. These new generation strings offer a silky feel, a remarkably balanced attack and impressive longevity. You’ll love them!»

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The discovery of the new exclusive Savarez «Focus» raw material has made it possible to create a new D string wound in perfect harmony with the tone of the bare strings, made of high-strength and tin-plated steel.
The fruit of research and a specific design with recognised professional banjoists, the new Banjo bluegrass strings offer musicians a very balanced sound, long durability and silky touch for optimal ease of play.

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