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Logjam Logarhythm 4 stomper
  • Logjam Logarhythm 4 stomper

Logjam Logarhythm 4 stomper

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The width of the Logarhythm 4 is identical to that of the Mk3 so you can play it using both feet or alternatively tap your foot on the right or left hand side depending whether you want a louder or softer tone.

Acoustic Magazine says:Sound Quality 5 stars,Build Quality 5 stars, Value for Money 5 stars ...

* Hand-made in the UK from high-quality certificated timber.
* Features a brand new "fluted" rubber base.

* Variable tone surface.
* Requires no batteries.
* All UK orders are dispatched postage free. ? ?
* Now guaranteed for 3 years.

195 X 100 X 45 mm

Weight: 560 grams
(may vary a little)

(may vary a little)

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