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Micro Bass 23 Fretted

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The MicroBass, or M-Bass, is a 23" short-scaled acoustic/electric bass guitar that utilizes a dedicated synthetic string made by the Aquila company and a piezo transducer pickup that deceivingly packs far more of a wallop than what meets the eye. The extended scale length greatly improves intonation over similar models and allows for an acoustic volume loud enough to enjoy without plugging into an amplifier. The sloped ergo-glide top makes this instrument extremely comfortable to hold.

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The MicroBass with a fretted neck neck for a tone remarkably similar to a traditional upright double bass.

Kala U-Bass Rumbler Gold Tone Microbass M-Bass Advantages
21" Scale 23" Scale Longer scale physics = improved accurate intonation
21" Scale 23" Scale More comfortable scale for bassist and guitarists
21" Scale 23" Scale Allows different techniques including “slap bass”
Baritone uke style body Baby Taylor size body More comfortable standing and sitting
Plastic nut Bone nut Bone less likely to crack
No thumb rest available Optional "stick on" thumb Feature used on many Electric basses 
16 frets (12 frets easily accessible) 19 frets (usable w cutaway) More notes
Non-Cutaway body Cutaway Allows access to higher frets
Flat back Arched back More air chamber space= greater volume
Baritone Uke body Larger body Increases acoustic volume and lower harmonic amplitude
$349 MAP with Gigbag $375 MAP with Gigbag Many extra features for only $26
No fretless model offered Available  fretted or fretless UBASS fretless available on more expensive models
No neck strap pin Strap pin included on neck No need to add for strap

Ships with a good quality gig bag, build in tuner with the control panel.
All the string instruments sold through our site are setup in our workshop by our Luthier. This work is included free of charge.

Gold Tone

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