Gold Foil Soundhole Pickup

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  • Soundhole mounted pickup with pre-soldered endpin jack

  • Black Plastic, Gold Foil, Ceramic Magnet

  • Fits a range of soundhole diameters, from 3" to 4", including the standard 3-15/16”

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The all new Recording King Gold Foil pickup adds that gritty 1950’s early pickup sound to your favorite acoustic.

Recording King has equipped the best-selling Dirty 30s guitars with a classic-sounding gold foil pickup for years. Now that sought-after vintage vibe that only a gold foil can produce is available from RK as a standalone pickup that you can easily install yourself.

Gold foil pickups have gotten a lot of attention recently thanks to their crisp, metallic, slightly broken-up tones. Players who want added bite and grit to their acoustic sound will love the way the RK gold foil enhances the fundamental acoustic tone but adds extra punch and crunch.

Best of all, you don’t need a luthier to install it. Just follow the easy instructions included in the package and you’ll be picking and sliding your way to bluesy goodness in no time.

There’s no better combination of tone, value and cool factor than the RK Gold Foil. It’s an easy upgrade and a new sound to inspire you



Installation RC-GFP-1

Download (408.5k)