Herb Ohta Jr Sets - Worth clear

Herb Ohta Jr Sets - Worth clear

  • - Model: COJ
  • - Manufactured by: Worth CreationLtd

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Herb Ohta Jr. has been using Worth Strings more than ten years. He selected his best gauge set and Worth released it as the Signature Clear Ohta Jr Set.

1st A: 0.0224 / 0.57mm HD
2nd E: 0.0290 / 0.74mm HD
3rd C: 0.0319 / 0.81mm HD
4th Low-G: 0.0344 / 0.88mm HD

A Message from Herb Ohta Jr.
"I’ve been using Wort Stings for the past 10 years. What I love about Wort Stings is their tonal quality and sustain. I find it easier on my fingers. The COJ set is my personal preference. Every ‘ukulele and every musician is different, but in my 40 plus years playing ‘ukulele, the COJ set by Worth Stings are the best for me!"
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