Double bass pickup

Double bass pickup

  • - Model: Ameka
  • - Manufactured by: Ameka

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AMEKA pickups are piezo-electric sensors dedicated to the amplification of musical stringed instruments such as cellos or double basses.

AMEKA pickups are made for a professional use. They have been tested in many, various and optimum stage configurations (theaters, outdoor stages, festivals, recording studios, etc...)

Each pickup is going to work and sound different, from an instrument to the other, nevertheless its efficiency will remain excellent in all situations, but its setup MUST be made in a rigorous way.

AMEKA pickups, as well as any other piezo-electric sensor, must be connected to a system of preamplification before being connected to the main PA system. It had been concepted in a way that the preamp system should be as simple as possible. A "DI BOX" will be recommended.
However, you can naturally prefer your personal preamp system if you think it's better for your instrument.

The 6.35 Jack plug got 2 rubber rings that makes it easy to fix. You have the choice between several different spots toward the tail piece (see the PDF manual on the support page) those 2 rubber rings will normally kill all buzzes. Please, make sure to use a good male connector, for bad connector can bring many problems.

FITTING: it must be setup under the wing of the bridge as shown below, on the E string side (Bass side)
Nevertheless, it can be setup under the G string side if you think that spot is better for your instrument

Made in France
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